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Highlights from a recent project:
The Primpy Sheep | Lookbook
by Omeed Nabavi

Our dear friend and collaborator Vanessa Ulrich began her style blog, The Primpy Sheep, late last year as a way of exploring what fashion means to her in her daily life. Vanessa’s experiences living and working around the world, as well as her creative design sense, have given her a perspective on style that encompasses not only the look of an outfit or garment, but also how it feels and how it moves. To Vanessa, style is so much more than clothing; style tells a story:

Where does this material come from? Is there cultural significance?
How does it feel when you run your hands along the material?
How has it been used in garments overtime? Or even throughout the world?
How does this color combination play up the setting I'm in?
How does this material move as I walk?

The answers to these questions are subjective, which is why we believe Vanessa makes a great case with every blogpost. As a member of the Baltimore community, she’s made creative collaboration with local photographers a priority when showcasing her quality threads on her site. The artists she’s worked with have done an amazing job capturing the essence of what makes the style of The Primpy Sheep so unique:

However, one aspect of her outfits that were not receiving much attention was their movement. For instance, you can tell a lot about a dress based on a photograph; you can clearly see its shape, or how it plays off various colors and backgrounds.

What you cannot see is how it breathes. How does the fabric dance as you walk? How does it move as you turn your body? This aspect, coupled with color, texture, and the collective look of The Primpy Sheep, is what we wanted to explore with Vanessa. Thus the idea for “the lookbook” project was born:

Believe it or not, we planned one production day to capture all of the footage needed for this project. Our goal was to cover 8 outfit changes in 6 locations throughout Baltimore City over the course of 8 hours.

To accommodate this ambitious task, we needed to be nimble with our gear. As with many of our recent projects at Stereoscope, we outfitted a Panasonic GH5 with our cinema glass and the Atomos Shogun recorder, and threw it on an Easyrig. This gave us maximum mobility around the city while also providing natural camera movement as we framed up each shot. It was extremely important for us to incorporate movement where we could, whether it be the camera itself or Vanessa in frame.

Because we were running the Atomos, we went all in and recorded at 60fps 4K all day (which really ate up our SSDs fast, especially since we were outputting to ProRes 422 HQ). As for lighting, we primarily utilized natural daylight in each scene and a bounce card was used for fill when needed.

Another major challenge we wanted to tackle was the color-grading. We have not explored the depths of what can be done after an image has been color-corrected, especially since most camera systems bake in color that breaks down easily in post. For the lookbook, each location and outfit combination would get its very own color treatment, so we utilized the V-Log color profile in the GH5 to get the most dynamic image we could from the camera in preparation for color-grading.

We think the results speak for themselves.


style is so much more than clothing; style tells a story

A special shout-out to Vanessa for giving us the opportunity to collaborate with her on such a fantastic and personal project, and for challenging us to deliver our very best.