In 2013, Alec Walker began working on a story concept that combined his interest in swordplay with his love for Star Wars. The idea was simple: take his fencing skills and apply it to a creative narrative filled with fantastic characters and settings that could easily find a home within the Star Wars expanded universe. He immediately got to work on developing a script and began looking for someone to help with the technical side of the production (the cinematography and editing). That's when he was introduced to Omeed Nabavi, who was looking for a challenging project while working through the latter half of his film degree. The two became instant friends, and thus Stereoscope was born!

Fast forward a bit and Stereoscope has established itself firmly within the Baltimore community, and has brought on Danny Siebenhaar as its third member (yay)! The work has evolved, too. Stereoscope Studios has been instrumental in the creation of many stories for a variety of clients; everything from documentaries, commercials, music videos, to narrative films.

At the end of the day, Stereoscope Studios creates stories with meaning and influence, and continues looking forward to its next project.