Cinematographer / Editor


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Omeed has been capturing stories in some form or other since his early childhood. As far as anyone can tell, this likely started when his parents handed him their old cassette tape recorder, likely as a last-ditch effort to make him leave them alone for once. The plan worked, resulting in countless hours spent in his room where he penned and recorded skits about, well.. nothing of note.

Over the years, this fascination with creation evolved into still photography. He incessantly borrowed the family point-and-shoot camera to take photos of every object he found to be beautiful around him. Though his work noticeably improved over the years, he wasn’t satiated by stills alone, and thus he began delving into video and filmmaking as a high school student.

In 2013, Omeed received his BFA in Cinematic Arts from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. In 2015, he co-founded Stereoscope Studios, a boutique video production company whose clients include ELLE Magazine, Merritt Athletic Clubs, American University, and REACT! Records.

Today, he works as a video specialist at Stanley Black & Decker and operates Stereoscope Studios with Alec Walker.


(410) 869-6896