Omeed Nabavi.

Director of Photography, Founder

Omeed has been creating stories in some form or other since his early childhood. As far as anyone can tell, it probably started around the time his parents handed him an old tape recorder, likely as a last-ditch effort to make him leave them alone for once. The plan worked; he spent hours in his room recording skits, silly commercials and creating voices. Sadly, these tapes are no where to be found so please stop asking.

Soon thereafter, he became fascinated by still photography. He incessantly borrowed his parents' point-and-shoot, taking photos of silly things (trust me) and editing the crap out of the files. It was quite a learning process, and he eventually got his hands on his first DSLR (Canon for life!). That's when the real learning began; shutter speed? ISO? aperture?! A lot to take in, for sure, but that little M on the dial was a true prep course for what came next.

In high school, Omeed began delving into video, creating a ton of silly skits with his friends that unfortunately live someplace on YouTube today if you care to look (please don't). For whatever reason, he desired to make a career out of this newfound hobby and attended the University of Maryland Baltimore County, where he received a BFA in Cinematic Arts in 2013.

Today, he works as a videographer at Stanley Black & Decker in Baltimore, and runs Stereoscope Studios with his chums. If you'd like to see more of his films, follow, or drop him a line, hit him up on instagram or his check out his portfolio site at