Alec Walker

Co-Founder / Producer

Life has molded Alec into a storyteller and a filmmaker since his early childhood. Between the love and passion for movies and books that was shared among his family and how often they moved into different places and subcultures, he became adept at noticing how much the stories we accept and are repeated to us, shape who we are as individuals and groups. His first way of expressing this understanding in performance was acting (he wrote poetry too but gladly those works will never see the light of day), to imitate an acceptable character wherever he was. He enjoyed the process so much that he carried on starring in school plays from his middle school years into high-school. However, he learned quickly that some subcultures need not be imitated. Inspired by works such as a A Brave New World and Heart of Darkness and spurred by his desire to escape the drama of the high-school drama club, Alec went on to organize and train an acting troupe comprised of completely green actors who went on to perform Cappie nominated performances. Upon graduating, however, the troupe could no longer stay together.

So Alec carried on his passion for storytelling in the only way available to him; writing, which is how he and Omeed crossed paths and cycle began anew. Now Alec writes, produces, and directs new stories and is building yet another team of talented creatives. Alec continues to challenge himself and his team to take visual storytelling into new and interesting grounds and treats every project as an opportunity to push their limits as a creatives. If Alec has it his way, Stereoscope will have a lasting impact the film and video industry (and maybe cause a little trouble, too).