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Director of Photography

Omeed is an award-winning filmmaker and editor who brings technical experience to each and every project. He has worked with a diverse array of organizations and clients, as well as on several narrative films. He utilizes a variety of A/V equipment and software, and prides himself on aesthetics.



Danny does things. Lots of things. But he hasn't made his bio yet, so that's one thing he hasn't done. He also needs a new portrait. You know, we all need a new portrait.. Maybe this is a good time to rebrand ourselves with new portraits and a general look that serves our newfound goals. Yeah.



Creative Director

Alec utilizes his acting and writing talents to ensure that the message of each project is clear and effective. He has directed, written, and performed in a wide range of work. Whether it's a creative narrative short or a commercial production, Alec aims to get the most out of each production.